The power is palpable under the hood of the Santa Fe, with a choice of three engines that deliver performance, endurance and fuel economy.

R Series Diesel 314x319
2.2 litre R-series diesel engine

The ever-popular 2.2 litre R-series diesel engine delivers 147kW of power, and a whopping 440Nm of torque.

SANTAFE THETA 2.4 GDI ENGINE 2013 1st 314x319
2.4 litre GDi engine

The 2.4 litre GDi engine delivers 138kW of power, and 241Nm of torque.

SANTAFE LAMBDA 3.3 MPI ENGINE 2013 1st 314x319
3.3 V6 petrol engine

Finally, there’s the 3.3 V6 petrol engine, which delivers a massive 199kW of power, and 318Nm of torque.

DM EXT MAIN 12 BLUE GEN RHD 2016 476x347
Advanced Traction Cornering Control (ATCC)

This system in All Wheel Drive models helps improve vehicle stability by reducing over and understeer in adverse driving conditions to provide you with optimal traction while cornering.

Advanced 6-speed automatic transmission
Advanced 6-speed transmission

The Santa Fe’s 6-speed automatic transmission with sequential sport shift allows you to enjoy manual style gear shifting without a clutch. Having a sixth gear means closer spacing between gear ratios for better performance and fuel economy.

Electronic torque-on-demand 4WD system
Electronic torque-on-demand AWD system

Available across the diesel and 2.4 petrol range, this clever system ensures that the Santa Fe stays in 2WD mode for maximum fuel economy. When it needs to, the system will switch to AWD mode, sending torque to the rear wheels. You can also engage permanent AWD on the go if required. Told you it was clever.

Refined suspension

Sporty handling is provided by independent MacPherson strut front suspension and independent multilink rear suspension. Add to this front and rear hydraulic double acting shock absorbers and anti-roll stabiliser bars, and you’ve got a vehicle you’ll enjoy putting through its paces on New Zealand’s diverse terrains.

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