Hyundai Veloster



Surprise, Surprise

veloster exterior section 001

You’ll soon discover that the Veloster has a couple of big surprises: the driver side has one door and passenger side has two. Even then, the rear passenger door is cleverly camouflaged, maintaining the appearance of a 2-door coupe. The Veloster’s cutting-edge look is completed by wrap around fog lights, an assertive hexagonal grille, aggressively refined front and rear fascia and limited edition alloys.

Third Door

veloster exterior section 002

The Veloster’s unique and practical 1+2 asymmetrical door configuration really sets it apart. It looks like a sporty coupe, but on closer inspection, you might be able to spot a third door on the passenger side; it’s not easy to see because the handle is cunningly concealed in the window frame.

Dual Centre Exhaust

veloster exterior section 003

You’ll notice that the Veloster is full of eye-catching design features, just like its twin-barrelled, chrome-tipped dual centre exhaust. The twin tip centre exhaust is stylishly shaped and built into the rear bumper, giving the rear of the Veloster the look of an elite sports car.

Panoramic Sunroof

veloster exterior section 004

Driving the Veloster on New Zealand’s open roads is a thrill, and you can enjoy an even greater sense of freedom thanks to its stunning panoramic sunroof, which comes with all models. With the touch of a button, the full-length two-piece panoramic sunroof transforms the comfortable cabin by filling it with light and air.


Colour Swatches Veloster Combined turboStandard model

Note: Colours subject to availability, some colour and trim combinations available through indent order only. Use colours as a guide only, they may vary slightly due to screen resolution.

*- Entry models only
**-Turbo models only.