New Zealand roads are known for their sudden hills, short straights, winding inclines and changing surfaces. This is where the stunning Sonata is completely at home. Handling complicated or unexpected twists and turns becomes a breeze. More than just great looks and a long list of special features, the effortless performance of the Sonata will keep you smiling every time you climb in.

6-speed automatic transmission
6-speed automatic transmission

The Sonata’s automatic 6-speed transmission maximises every drop of fuel as well as performance. 

Petrol 2.4 Engine
Petrol 2.4 litre GDi Engine

To produce more power with exceptional fuel economy, both Sonata engines are small and lightweight, but extremely durable. The 2.4 GDi engine delivers 138 kW of power and 241 Nm of torque.

Petrol 2.0 litre turbo
Petrol 2.0 litre turbo engine

The 2.0 litre turbo engine produces 180kW of power and a whopping 350 Nm of torque. Talk about a power and efficiency combo.

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