You’ll soon discover when you step inside, that the Series II i40 Wagon is more than just eye-catching looks and amazing performance. It’s immediately clear that the high-level design, workmanship and attention to detail that distinguish the exterior have been carried through to the interior. The fit, finish and features are immaculate.

seat ventilation i40
Front air ventilated seats

Simple air ventilation technology employs fans under the seat cushions to pump a gentle stream of cooling air to help you stay cool and dry on hot muggy days (Limited model only).

i40 audio resized
Premium audio

Pump up the volume with an amazing audio experience that includes a sub woofer and an external amplifier on Elite & Limited models. Sit back and enjoy a high quality surround sound audio experience whenever you’re on the road.

i40 interior 226x226 one touch indicators
One touch indicators

Here’s another nice touch. When you’re changing lanes, the Series II i40 Wagon points you in the right direction with one-touch, triple-turn indicators. 

i40 interior 226x226 heated steering
Heated steering wheel

There’s nothing quite like gripping the Series II i40 Wagon's warm steering wheel on a freezing New Zealand winter’s morning. A great feature that’s certain to be much appreciated when temperatures are low (Limited model only).

i40 interior 226x226 electric park break
Electric park brake

The new-style parking brake allows you to apply and release the brake with a convenient single touch. There’s also an auto hold button that when switched on automatically applies the brakes when you stop at say the traffic lights. Then when you turn off the ignition, auto hold automatically puts the handbrake on – clever stuff.

i40 interior 226x226 fingertip controls
Fingertip controls

The i40’s multifunction steering wheel puts everything you need at your fingertips. Manage your music, answer and end Bluetooth phone calls and control the cruise control, speed limiter and trip computer.

i40 i30 key
Proximity key / start stop

With the Proximity key in your pocket, the Series II i40 Wagon recognises you, and with the touch of a button on the door handle, it unlocks itself without you needing to press the key (Elite & Limited models only).

i40 push start button 226x226
Push button start

And once inside, i40 Elite & Limited models also feature a push button start, so you can start the engine without turning the key in the usual manner.

Reversing Camera 226x226
Reversing Camera

Standard on all i40 models, a reversing camera seals the deal with a colour image on your screen when reverse is engaged

i40 blue tooth 226x226
Bluetooth handsfree phone system

Enjoy your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and the i40’s multimedia sound system - all of which you have complete control over via the steering wheel-mounted controls.

i40 supervision cluster 468x345
Supervision cluster

Utilising Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology, the stylish and elegant supervision cluster delivers brilliant colour as well as a wide range of useful information (Elite models only).

i40 flexible seating 468x345
60:40 split folding rear seats

The folding rear seats allow 60:40-split folding for added convenience and versatility. When rear seats are folded down, the i40 Wagon has an impressive maximum boot capacity of 1,672 (VDA) litres.

i40 seating 468x345
Electric seats

Sit down and notice how every comfort has been considered. The driver’s seat on Elite models is electrically adjustable in ten different directions – including lumbar support.

i40 ipod connect 468x345
iPod connectivity

The i40 Wagon makes it simple and easy to connect just about any gadget. Your iPod, smart-phone or personal music player plug straight into the audio system so you can listen to your music when and where ever.

i40 cruise control 226x2
Cruise control and speed limiter

Cruise control means you can relax whilst maintaining a constant speed. The Series II i40 Wagon also has a speed limiter function, which allows you to set a speed limit that the vehicle will refuse to accelerate beyond. Both these features are controlled from your steering wheel.

i40 climate control 226x226
Advanced climate control

Air-conditioning is standard across the Series II i40 range because, let’s face it, there’s nothing constant about our weather. What’s more, automatic dual zone climate control on Elite models means staying at the temperature you want is something you won’t even have to think about.

i40 bucket seats 226226
Front sports bucket seats

Bolstered sports-comfort bucket seats for the driver and front passenger enhance the coupé feel and provide high levels of support to reduce fatigue during long journeys (Elite Limited model only).

i40 ims 226x226
Driver integrated memory system

Save two different seating positions and switch between them with the touch of a button. The last-used position is also allocated to the key remote when you close the car, so the seat automatically returns to your position when you open it (Elite models only).

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