960x400 Genesis side interior


The Genesis not only treats its driver and passengers to the ultimate in interior luxury, it also surrounds them with cutting-edge safety technologies to inspire an even greater level of confidence. 

To begin with, the Genesis is extremely strong, with a smart chassis design in advanced high strength steel. Added to this, the Genesis also has a suite of sensor-based technologies, which have been created to increase driver awareness and help maintain control in all driving conditions. 

With such strength combined with intelligent safety features, it’s no wonder that the Genesis has been awarded the highest ever ANCAP safety score. 

480x348 Bonnet Safety
Active hood system (AHS)

A hood that protects a pedestrian in an event of a emergency, the AHS system absorbs shock while an actuator lifts the bonnet.

A Braking
Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)

If you’re travelling under 80 km/h the Hyundai Genesis uses the same sensory system from its smart cruise control to detect imminent collisions, and will automatically initiate full braking of the vehicle.

Highest ever 5-star ANCAP safety rating

The Genesis has achieved the highest ever score in the 21-year history of ANCAP testing – 36.88 points out of a possible 37 and a maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

esc 226x226
Electronic stability control (ESC)

ESC is designed to prevent the car from skidding when cornering. It checks where you are steering compared to where the vehicle is actually going. If needed, it can apply the brakes to individual wheels as well as adapt engine power to maintain stability and control.

AVM New1
Around view monitoring (AVM)

Around View Monitoring uses a series of strategically-placed external ultra wide-angle cameras to provide the driver with a real time overhead view of the car.  

234x230 airbags
Nine airbags

Should a collision occur, its good to know that you and your passengers have the best possible protection. The Genesis has a roll-over sensor as well as nine airbags - including one for the drivers knees - which protect occupants from multiple angles.

234x230 blind spot dectection
Blind spot detection (BSD)

Traditional side and rear view mirrors dont give the full picture of what's going on behind your car. But thanks to BSD, when the system detects traffic in blind spots, it provides illuminated warnings on the side mirror and head up display. The system also gives an audible alert if the indicator is used and another vehicle is in your blind spot. 

234x230 Rear traffic cross alert image
Rear cross traffic Alert (RCTA)

When you reverse out of a parking space or driveway, its hard to see vehicles approaching from either side. The rear cross traffic alert warns you when a moving vehicle is detected while you're reversing.

236x224 lane departure
Lane departure warning system (LDWS)

On long drives, its easy to lose concentration. If the Genesis slowly veers off line above 60 km/h, LDWS will detect any lane departure which isnt accompanied with the indicator, and alert the driver through the head-up display unit and vibrations through the steering wheel.

234x230 Smart Cruise
Smart cruise control (SCC)

Using a radar, the SCC system monitors vehicles ahead of you and adjusts the pre-set speed to match the vehicle you're following.

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