Genesis 960x400 1


Once you step inside the Genesis, you know youve made the right choice. 

Every inch of its spacious, ergonomically-designed interior feels premium. Attention to detail is everywhere, from quality finishes crafted by traditional workmanship, to stylish design touches using modern techniques. 

Soft-touch surfaces such as cloth covered pillars give the feeling of luxury throughout, and the moment you sit on one of its beautifully detailed leather seats, you realise that everything around you has been designed with the driver and passengers in mind. 

HUD Genesis 1
Head-up display (HUD)

The HUD system cleverly allows you to stay looking at the road ahead by projecting key driving information onto the windscreen. As well as showing information like speed and what radio station you're listening to, the HUD system it will also project alerts, such as a Lane Departure Warning or Blind Spot Detection.

Geneisis Cluster
Supervision cluster

Keep right up-to-date with the performance of the Genesis thanks to its large 7” liquid crystal display, which delivers information and messages in the form of colour images and sounds. Bright and easy-to-read, the Supervision Cluster has soft, cool blue lighting which is easy on your eyes.

236 x 228 1
Premium leather

Soft leather seats hug the driver and passengers, with ergonomically-designed front seats fitted with electrically adjustable side supports and four-way lumbar support.

236 x 228 Seat memory
Integrated memory system

If more than one person is going to drive the Genesis, the IMS stores two preferred seating, steering column, head up display and outside mirror settings for different drivers. That means you can make a swift getaway with everything just how you like it at the simple press of a button.

236x224 navigation
Satellite navigation

Make your journey even easier by inputting your destination into the inbuilt satellite navigation system. It’s loaded with HERE MAPS of New Zealand’s streets, and incorporates up-to-the minute SUNA™ GPS live traffic updates, which enable the system to divert you around any congestion.

236 x 228 Speaker
Advanced audio

Now your journey’s underway, it’s time to enjoy the 17-speaker Lexicon® audio system, one of the world’s most advanced automotive sound systems. It features LOGIC7® surround sound, which produces a pristine listening experience from high-output speakers and amplifiers which are carefully placed to provide optimum performance for every seat. 

236x228 seat
Ventilated & heated seats

Genesis has three-zone independent climate control. Seat temperatures can be separately adjusted for the driver seat, passenger and rear seats. As well as this, the driver seat and passenger seat can have different seat back and cushion ventilation settings - perfect for keeping everyone happy.

236 x 228 Steering Column
Heated steering wheel

To prove that the Genesis has your comfort at heart, on a chilly day you can warm your hands at the touch of a button, thanks to its heated steering wheel.

Genesis center console
Centre console

Plenty of space for you to store your belongings in the centre console with a retractable cover making accessibility easy.

Genesis fingertip controls new
Fingertip controls

The steering wheel-mounted controls let you manage your music, phone calls and cruise control without taking your hands off the wheel.


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