Clean and simple

One of the most striking things about the IONIQ is how quiet and smooth it is to drive. That's because the technologies behind IONIQ are perfectly simple: an 88kW electric motor powered by a 28kWh battery, all governed by an EPCU. All-electric mobility means a steep reduction in the number of moving parts which produce mechanical noise and vibration. So IONIQ is whisper quiet and best of all, it generates absolutely zero emissions.

IONIQ Engine
IONIQ Powertrain

Under IONIQ's bonnet is an 88kW electric motor coupled to a direct drive reduction gearbox, all governed by an EPCU and because the IONIQ EV has a 100% electric motor it means that it generates absolutely zero emissions.

Electric Power Control Unit

EPCU, the brain behind IONIQ, is programmed to perform highly complex tasks regulating the various electrical and electronic systems and sub-systems such as the AC/DC Inverter, Low Voltage DC-DC Converter and Vehicle Control Unit.

IONIQ Charging Port
Plugging In

There are multiple options to charge up your IONIQ.  Whether you charge at home or on the road you will always enjoy significant running cost savings.

  • (AC) Slow / Portable Charger - Approx 16-18 hrs
  • (AC) Fast Charge – Approx 4-5 hrs
  • (DC) Rapid Charge 50 kW: Approx 30 min to 80%
Lithium-ion Polymer Battery

Here is something to really get charged up about.  The IONIQ’s high voltage Lithium-ion Polymer battery boasts a capacity of 28 kWh giving you the capacity to go further.  Additionally the battery is covered by a 10 year/unlimited km warranty* to give you maximum reassurance.

2016 Hyundai Ioniq 188 476x345

By mounting the battery under the seats, IONIQ is able to attain an exceptionally low center of gravity. This greatly enhances agility and helps make IONIQ so much fun to drive.

In Cable Control Box
In-Cable Control Box (ICCB) charging cable

This cable lets you recharge your IONIQ practically anywhere. It's designed to connect to a standard wall socket and will recharge the IONIQ using household AC current.